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SkyBeam Technologies offers a wide selection of LED office lighting products and control systems designed to meet the needs of modern workplace environments. Our office LED lighting is the ideal solution for offices of all sizes, providing exceptional light quality and addressing a range of complex lighting parameters while offering dramatic cost savings.

Our LED lights create bright and vibrant work environments that are less tiring on the eyes of office workers than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, resulting in increased productivity and improved work satisfaction. In addition to offering superior lighting quality, our LED office lighting products provide a range of lighting solutions to meet the unique needs of varied workplace areas, including computer workstations, reception areas, conference rooms and more, with simple operation and variable control systems making LEDs an even more attractive option.

Office LED light fixtures and retrofits can save as much as 80% in energy costs compared to traditional office lighting options, while also further reducing energy consumption through reduced loads on air conditioning systems. Office lighting fixtures currently utilizing PAR and fluorescent bulbs can be retrofitted for energy-efficient LED bulbs that not only save money on energy costs, but dramatically reduce maintenance and replacement costs, thanks to their 50,000+ hour lifespans.