Our Team of Experts

Our team of expert LED and solar panel installation companies located throughout Florida, answers a primary question our prospects ask when considering the replacement of their current lighting with LEDs and installation of solar panels at the commercial facilities. Since they realize that the extraordinary savings in electric cost offered by LEDs and solar panels will be realized over many years, they want to know whether they will be installed by companies they can trust and whether they will perform as long as promised.

In addition, they want to know that the five-year warranties that stand behind our LEDs and solar panels will be honored in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong during the warranty period. To satisfy this concern, we have assembled a team of LED and solar panel installation companies with combined installation experience in excess of 50 years, together with many of the best and largest LED and solar panel manufacturers in the world, all of which have fabricating, warehousing and shipping facilities in the U.S.

This website introduces you to our team of installers and manufacturers, a representative sample of jobs we have completed, and summary descriptions of our primary manufacturers and a few of their products.