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SkyBeam Technologies offers a wide range of LED restaurant lighting to meet the varied needs of lighting restaurants and other food-related facilities. Our energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for restaurants not only provide substantial cost savings, but also deliver vibrant, attractive lighting that adds to the ambiance of food service facilities.
Restaurants rely on a variety of lighting types for the successful operation of the establishment. Bright, crisp light is required in areas where safety and visibility is critical, such as in the kitchen. Dining rooms and entry areas depend on specific types of lighting and brightness levels to suit the desired ambiance and design of the facility.

Additionally, sufficient lighting is needed in restrooms, to identify emergency exits and to maintain safety in parking lots. From LED pendant lights, panel lights and recessed lights to LED street lights, our highly-controllable LED lights beautifully light the spaces in and around your restaurant while enabling the operator to reap the benefits of reduced operational costs.

The LED restaurant lighting products available from LED Specialists offer a reduction in electricity consumption of up to 80% compared to more traditional lights using PAR or fluorescent bulbs. Additionally, since LED lighting reduces the load on air conditioning systems, further energy usage cost savings can be realized. LED light bulbs also have lifespans exceeding 50,000 hours, dramatically reducing maintenance and replacement costs.