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Retail Store

SkyBeam Technologies offers a large selection of retail store LED lighting options to meet the varied needs of retail establishments both large and small. Whether you are in need of recessed, panel, low bay, flood light or pendant LED lighting, our lights come in a wide range of Kelvin temperatures and provide the high color rendering index (CRI) required for retail establishments. We also offer other types of LED lighting often used by the retail sector, including LED parking lot lights, emergency lights and color-changing strip lights.

Our retail store LED lighting products offer superior light quality while also providing dramatic cost savings. LED lights can save up to 80% on energy costs compared to traditional PAR and fluorescent lighting. Since the LEDs burn cooler, they also reduce the load on air conditioning systems, reducing energy costs even more. Additionally, with a lifespan extending beyond 50,000 hours of operation, our cost-effective LED lights also drastically diminish the need for maintenance or replacement, adding to their long-term cost savings.

Retail stores and establishments have a wide range of lighting needs. LED directional lighting offers options when it comes to the angle of light emission and lights can be selected in various shades of brightness, from warm white to bright daylight. Our advanced LED lighting control systems allow you to control brightness levels, direction, timing and more. Automated color-changing lights can even be set to music for dramatic effect. If you prefer to keep your existing light fixtures, we offer LED retrofits that simply allow you to operate your existing lighting fixtures using money-saving LED bulbs instead of energy-hungry incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.